The history

The roots of the company Adria Moulds & Services srl are based on previous experiences of the founders in the field of mould making for thermoplastic injection moulding, both in technical and particularly in the automotive industry. All of them have served for years automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers in Germany, Scandinavia and the US.

In their careers, the founders have gained extensive experience in the field of mould making and plastics moulding, so that they are able to offer innovative solutions and share their know-how with their valuable customers.

Business Model

A disadvantage of having a lean structure and being of a small size is being limited to the local market. To avoid this and to bring the resources to the international market, Adria Moulds bundles many of such companies with those in the service industry and adds missing elements from its own portfolio.

Tradition & Technology

The regions of Veneto and Friuli in north-east Italy are considered by most people as one of the largest areas of mould making in Europe. Tradition, expertise and experience have continued here since the 1950s and 1960s to today with new technologies being constantly developed.

In our region, dozens of mould making companies and other companies working in the plastics industry share two basic values: owner management and small size, followed by lean structure. As a result, they offer unbeatable performance at competitive prices.


Giorgio De Santi


Has been active for more than 30 years within the tooling industry working in various functions such as Engineering, Technical Sales and Project Management.

Some of our customers

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